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Boating Accident Attorney St. Louis, MO. Boating accidents can cause severe damage to those involved, far more than the typical automotive crash. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a boating accident, you need an experienced boating accident attorney from Halvorsen Klote on your side immediately. Call us now at 877-51-HKLAW or contact us online for a no-cost consultation.

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According to the most recent data from the United States Coast Guard, there were 5,265 boating accidents, 3,191 injuries, 767 fatalities and property damage totaling almost $63 million in 2020. With over 350 sizable lakes, rivers, and other waterways in the Greater St. Louis region, as well as 568 named lakes and over 110,000 miles of rivers and streams statewide, along with a recent surge in boat sales during the pandemic, boating accidents are relatively common — and on the rise — in our area.

The increase in boating activity means you are more likely to be involved in an accident. If you are, and we certainly hope otherwise, you need a knowledgeable, skilled and dedicated boating accident attorney from Halvorsen Klote in St. Louis, MO. Our attorney will go through your case step-by-step and offer a detailed outlook so that you can take the first step in securing justice and fair financial compensation. Call us today at 877-51-HKLAW or contact us. As always — we don’t get paid unless you win.

St. Louis Boating Accident Attorney: Primary Contributing Factors of Boating Accidents

Although it is definitely considered a motor vehicle, operating a boat is often treated as more of a leisure activity than driving a car. A group of friends meeting for a weekend getaway near St. Louis to Creve Coeur Lake or Lake of the Ozarks jump in their boat without slowing down to consider the necessary safety rules. Or even consider who is driving, operating, captaining, steering or paddling the boat. After all, 77% of boating accident deaths occurred on vessels where the operator had not received boating safety instruction. The owner/captain of the boat is often the one responsible for the enforcement of safety rules that far too often get overlooked and/or forgotten. The owner/captain should not even pull away from the dock until all occupants are properly secured. Included in the Coast Guard’s boating accident data, 90% of boating accident drowning victims were not wearing a lifejacket.

The following is a list of the primary contributing factors of boating accidents, along with the amount of accidents the factor caused:

  • Operator inattention, 664
  • Operator inexperience, 612
  • Improper lookout, 578
  • Excessive speed, 418
  • Machinery failure, 373
  • Navigation rules violation, 316
  • Alcohol use, 296
  • Weather, 244
  • Hazardous waters, 232
  • Force of wave/wake, 215

No matter the contributing factor or severity of your accident near St. Louis, MO, your boating accident attorney at Halvorsen Klote has you covered. Whether you were aboard a canoe, a pontoon, a jet ski or a yacht when you were in a hazardous situation, your boating accident attorney has experience in them all. Call us at 877-51-HKLAW or contact us for a free case review.

St. Louis Boating Accident Attorney: Most Common Types of Boating Accidents

The boating accident attorney staff at Halvorsen Klote in St. Louis, MO, has seen its fair share of crashes. The following are the five most common types of boating accidents, along with the number of accidents from the Coast Guard’s data from 2020:

  • Collision with recreational vessel, 1,379
  • Flooding/swamping, 589
  • Collision with fixed object, 542
  • Grounding, 484
  • Falls overboard, 335

St. Louis Boating Accident Attorney: Boating Accident Prevention

Simply put, the majority of boating accidents do not happen due to some freak storm or 12-foot waves that come out of nowhere. Most boating accidents are preventable, and a little common sense can go a long way when it comes to operating any watercraft. Much like driving an automobile, operating a watercraft under the influence of drugs or alcohol is never acceptable. In one year alone, over 35% of all traffic-related fatalities were attributed to drugs or alcohol and alcohol was a factor in over 38% of boating deaths. While on any watercraft near St Louis, MO, remember to:

  • Wear a lifejacket or PFD (personal floatation device)
  • Only ride with an experienced driver/captain
  • Do not allow passengers on the bow or stern
  • Never go out in bad weather
  • Have a VHF radio to call for help
  • Ensure your boat is properly maintained

Do I Need a St. Louis Boating Accident Attorney?

If you or a loved one have been injured in a boating accident near St. Louis, MO, then you absolutely need to hire a boating accident attorney. Injuries sustained in a boating accident have the potential to leave lasting damages and completely disrupt your life. Boating accident victims face a similar journey to those hurt in auto crashes. The owner/captain of the boat will likely have a liability insurance policy to provide compensation for the injuries sustained by victims. However, like any insurance company whose goal it is to pay out as little as possible, you will be forced to fight for the full reimbursement of your injuries.

The nature of boating accidents carries added dangers over that of a car crash, as a simple bump to the head can result in a drowning death. Boating accidents require an immediate investigation to guarantee the preservation of all available evidence. Your boating accident attorney from HK Law in St. Louis, MO, will:

  • Gather all liability evidence of the accident
  • Gather and evaluate Water Patrol Division reports and applicable documents
  • Speak to witnesses
  • Obtain photos and digitally recreate the accident
  • Inspect the boat before it is salvaged, sold, or destroyed
  • Research the history of the boat, as well as other similar accidents
  • Review state laws relevant to the accident
  • Review your medical records
  • Handle all communication, litigation, and documentation
  • Interview experts
  • Keep you updated on all aspects of your case

Do not leave things to chance, or to the whims of an insurance company. Call HK Law’s experienced and knowledge boating accident attorney team today at 877-51-HKLAW or contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Your Boating Accident Attorney | HK Law in St. Louis, MO

Your St. Louis, MO, boating accident attorney at HK Law knows that your entire life can change abruptly after a boating accident. Regardless of an insurance company’s greedy tactics, you are entitled to compensation for your past and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, inconvenience, and all other damages you sustained as a result of the boating accident.

Halvorsen Klote represents clients in the Metro St. Louis area and Southern Illinois, through some of the most difficult times. It is important to reach out to a skilled, knowledgeable and devoted boating accident attorney near St. Louis, MO. HK Law takes the burden of the legal issues off your shoulders and works directly on negotiating a settlement that provides the medical care and financial support needed to start your recovery. If a fair settlement can’t be reached, we will take your case to court.

At Halvorsen Klote you can expect nothing less than our best. Let’s begin your road to recovery together. Call us today at 877-51-HKLAW or contact us.

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