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Motorcycle Accidents Attorney St. Louis

Motorcycle Accidents Attorney St. Louis

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Motorcycle Accidents Attorney in Greater St. Louis. There's no comparing the feeling of freedom and excitement motorcyclists can get from riding their motorcycles. However, motorcycle accidents are especially dangerous, and too many other drivers on the St. Louis roads either don't pay enough attention to motorcyclists or are actively hostile against them. Injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents can be severe and life-changing. If you were injured by a negligent driver, trust in the St. Louis motorcycle accidents attorney team of Halvorsen Klote to help you get your life back on track and get you full compensation for your injuries. Our dedication and client-centered approach will help you feel at ease and confident that your case will reach a successful resolution. Call a Halvorsen Klote motorcycle accidents attorney in St. Louis today at 866-382-4167 or reach out to us online for a free case review.

Your Halvorsen Klote motorcycle accidents attorney in St. Louis works on a contingency fee basis. That means there are no upfront costs, and you don't pay us anything unless we win your case.

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Motorcycle Accidents Attorney St. Louis, MO | Auto Crash Lawyers | Personal Injury Law Firm Near St. Louis

In addition to motorcycle accidents, our attorneys take on the following personal injury cases in St. Louis and Southern Illinois:

How Common Are Motorcycle Accidents in St. Louis, Missouri and Illinois?

Nationwide, in 2020 motorcycle crashes resulted in 82,500 injuries and 5,579 deaths. In Missouri, there were 2,177 motorcycle accidents, resulting in 1,658 injuries and 118 deaths, according to the Missouri Traffic Safety Compendium. In St. Louis City and St. Louis County alone, there were 321 crashes, which resulted in 240 injuries and 9 deaths.

In Illinois, according to their 2020 Crash Facts & Statistics, there were 2,991 motorcycle crashes, which caused 2,404 injuries, 867 "A-list" injuries and 152 deaths.

Other St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Statistics

The sheer totals of injuries and fatalities in motorcycle accidents are alarming, but a deeper dive into the statistics shows an even greater disparity in how safe motorcyclists are compared to their enclosed-vehicle peers:

  • Despite the fact that motorcycles make up only 3 percent of registered vehicles and .06 percent of all vehicle miles traveled, motorcycles account for 14 percent of deaths and 4 percent of all injuries, according to the National Safety Council.
  • From 2002 to 2017, it's estimated that helmets saved over 25,000 lives, and helmets are estimated to be 37 percent effective in preventing fatal injuries.
  • According to the Insurance Information Institute, 16.71 passenger cars per 100,000 and 13.72 light trucks per 100,000 were involved in crashes in 2020, compared to 68.71 motorcycles per 100,000.
  • In 2020, in passenger car accidents there were 102.75 injuries for every one death, while in motorcycles there were 14.79 per one death, meaning motorcyclists are much more likely to die in an accident.
  • According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the majority of motorcycle accidents and deaths occur in the summer months, on weekends when people are more likely to be drinking and after 6 P.M. when visibility is lower.

While some people give motorcyclists a bad rap, the truth is the vast majority of bikers value their safety and practice safety tips. It's usually either another vehicle's inattention or disdain for motorcycles that causes someone else injuries. If another driver in the St. Louis area injured you, the Halvorsen Klote motorcycle accidents attorney team will ensure that they are held accountable and you are compensated for your injuries.

What Causes Motorcycle Accidents in St. Louis?

  • While each accident is different, statistics show that the vast majority of motorcycle accidents fall into the following categories:
  • Drunk Driving

    Drunk driving accidents are the most common cause of motor vehicle accidents, and in the U.S. it kills approximately 32 people a day, or one person every 45 minutes. Drunk driving was a factor in 34 percent of motorcycle fatalities.

    Road Hazards

    Because motorcycles only have two wheels, they are especially vulnerable to road hazards such as ruts in the road, slippery surfaces, potholes, gravel and uneven pavement. Even if you were not hit by another person, if your injuries were caused by a road hazard, you may be able to make a claim against a government agency or construction company responsible for maintaining the road.

    Left-Hand Turns

    Forty-two percent of fatal motorcycle crashes occur when a vehicle turns left and hits a motorcyclist going straight. This is often just a consequence of drivers failing to see motorcyclists, even if they're looking. This is due to something called "inattentional blindness," a phenomenon in which our brains scan for cars but has not been sufficiently trained to scan for motorcycles.


    Thirty-three percent of motorcycle fatalities involve speeding. While this is sometimes speeding on behalf of the motorcyclist, it often is the fault of passenger car drivers who force a biker to react quicker than they can safely do so.

    Rear-End Accidents

    Motorcycles decelerate faster than passenger cars, and many motorcyclists downshift or roll off the throttle to slow down, meaning a trailing car won't see their brake lights. Still, just as in a crash between two cars, the driver behind the other vehicle is almost always at complete fault for the accident.

    Motorcycle Accidents Attorney St. Louis | Auto Crash Lawyers | Personal Injury Law Firm Near Me

    What Can a St. Louis Motorcycle Accidents Attorney Do For My Case?

    Most of our clients have never had an injury before, and are unsure how to go about filing a claim, whether the insurance company is being fair and how much their injuries are worth. A Halvorsen Klote St. Louis motorcycle accidents attorney will help your case by:

    • Fully investigating your accident in order to acquire valuable evidence and identify all liable parties. We use our experience, legal knowledge and network of St. Louis crash experts to determine the precise cause of your injuries.
    • Offering sound legal guidance throughout the duration of your claim, so you can make the best decision for you and your St. Louis family.
    • Keeping you informed throughout your case so that you are never left in the dark. We take pride in our client-centered approach to legal representation.
    • Leveling the playing field against powerful insurance companies so you get the full compensation you are entitled to. Insurance adjusters love to take advantage of people who do not know the law. We founded our practice on the idea accident victims and their families should have access to the same standard of legal representation that large insurance companies have.
    • Handling all documentation, negotiation and litigation so you can focus on what's important: healing and getting your life back together as soon as possible.
    • Ensure that you get maximum compensation for all of your damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses, pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.

    When you're injured in a motorcycle accident because of somebody else's negligence, it immediately disrupts your life and places undue physical, mental and financial burdens on you. The St. Louis motorcycle accidents attorney team at Halvorsen Klote will ensure that you are taken care of and that you do not have to go through this alone.

    Motorcycle Accidents Attorney St. Louis | Auto Crash Lawyers | Personal Injury Law Firm Near Me

    St. Louis Motorcycle Accidents Attorney | Halvorsen Klote

    At Halvorsen Klote, we know that the consequences of being injured by somebody else's negligence are immediate and severe. But you should not have to pay because somebody else in St. Louis did not do the right thing. We've dedicated our practice to making a difference in the lives of St. Louis residents who have been treated wrongly and unfairly. To speak to an experienced motorcycle accidents attorney you can trust, call Halvorsen Klote today at 866-382-4167 or contact us online.

    Joel Halvorsen

    Joel Halvorsen

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    Joel Halvorsen and his partner Greg Klote founded the Halvorsen Klote law firm on the principle that injured people and their families should have access to the same quality legal representation as large insurance companies.

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    Greg Klote

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