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Halvorsen Klote understands how important it is to protect visitors on this website. Information security is a priority. View the below privacy policy to learn more about the data we collect and your rights as a visitor. Please contact our firm if you have any further questions.

  • Information Gathering: Analytical information that is collected on the site will only be used to improve the user's experience. Data we collect may include a user's recent browser history, the IP address, the date and time, and other information. This information is private and will not be shared outside of our organization.
  • Using Information: The information collected by this site may be used to suggest particular content to users who may find it interesting. The firm reserves any and all rights to disclose information to regulatory or governmental authorities if and when required by law.
  • Outbound Links: Any link that goes to a different website is meant to portray useful information about the topic at hand. Halvorsen Klote is not responsible if this link is redirected or brings site visitors to an unwanted location.
  • Disclaimer: This firm's website was built and designed to deliver general information about personal injury and consumer protection law. The information Halvorsen Klote provides on this site should not be taken as advice for any particular case or situation.

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