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Very Happy

I dont know where to even begin, Greg and Joel were nothing short of incredible. I was involved in a fairly serious head on collision, incurred a mound of medical debt and completely totaled my vehicle. Needless to say, i was not at fault. The other parties insurance company was not having any of it, would not work with me in any capacity, and completely denied my claim. I actually went to another local firm (who i will not name), who essentially told me I had far to difficult of a case to warrant legal action, the return in the form of insurance dollars, was not worth their time or money. After a few weeks of deep depression and unyielding anxiety, I came across a friend who recommended I speak with Joel Halvorsen. I explained my futile situation, and the rejection from the previous law firm, he insisted I simply have a conversation with the guy. After 5 minutes with Joel and Greg, I began to see the light at the end of this hell hole. They shepherded me through the entire process, understood my predicament, and came through in a BIG$ way for me. Not only was it worth their time, but the settlement was far and above my wildest expectation. They were a helping hand in a sea of rejection. Their expertise, professionalism, and candor shined through every step of the legal process. There are many law firms in town, and I would venture to say, many good attorneys, Joel and Greg however, are a cut above all else in my opinion. I simply cant recommend them enough, they gave me my life back, restored stability and happiness. Thank you Joel, thank you Greg, it is all very deeply appreciated.

Not only did I receive outstanding representation from the team at Halvorsen Klote, I also gained tons of information I was unaware of. They are not only great lawyers, but awesome consultants as well. Fun to talk to and always have their full attention. Great job! Will be referring.


My family ran into some financial issues several years back and we ran up significant credit card debt while we struggled to pay bills. Eventually we had debt collectors after us 24/7 and the harassment was almost unbearable. I found Joel and after a free consultation, he assured me that he could help me get the debt collectors off my back. Not only did he keep the debt collectors at bay, but he even found out that they were breaking the law and got me $1,000 as a result. He even had the debt collectors pay my attorney fees so I didn’t even have to pay for his services. I am so grateful that I found Joel!

Great attorney

I worked with Joel on a number of occasions in varying legal matters for my business and personal life. In my time need, Joel provided me with excellent consultation and was able to get me the results I wanted. I felt trusted with his advice/approach with my cases and because of this I highly recommend seeking legal consultation with him.

Extremely Personable

I had a personal injury case with Joel, and he was excellent in representing me. I am very satisfied with the outcome of the case. He is extremely trustworthy, and personable.

Amazing Personal Injury Attorney!!!

I had a personal injury case with Greg, and he was excellent in representing me. I am very satisfied with the outcome of the case. Greg and his team did a wonderful job for me. They took the time to answer any question I had. You will never feel like you are anything less than the first priority. Calling Greg was the smartest thing I ever did.

Awesome Attorney and Great Legal Counselor!

Not only did I receive awesome assistance with a personal injury case of mine, Greg gave me tons of advice that I was otherwise unaware of. Also loved how easy it was to get ahold of him. I will definitely be passing the word! Great job Greg!

Thankful for Greg!

I am VERY pleased with Greg Klote law firm. He is a very honest and down to earth attorney. He treated me with respect and always kept in contact with me and returned my calls promptly. My situation ended better than I expected! I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone. I was never put on the back burner and he made me feel very comfortable. Him and his staff are very respectful and pleasant.

Great experience!

I recently found out I could make some easy money from the harassing phone calls i have been receiving since January from a debt collector. With the help of Greg and his team, I have the potential to not only stop the harassment but make some money in the process! They have been great at updating me on my case and moving the process along. Great job!

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