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St. Louis Rideshare Accident Lawyers

With the growing number of Uber and Lyft drivers on the road, it's a matter of time until there is a collision. If you've been involved in an Uber or Lyft accident, whether you're a passenger or a driver, it's essential to reach out to an experienced law firm. Halvorsen Klote represents rideshare victims and their families in the Greater St. Louis area and are dedicated to helping people receive the damages they deserve.

Do You Need to Hire a Rideshare Accident Lawyer?

If you've been in a Lyft or Uber accident, you're going to want to reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible. These companies are massive and have enough insurance problems of their own, and can easily bully victims into a quick and easy settlement (if any).

A lot of people hesitate before reaching out to a lawyer because they think it'll cost them more time, money, and effort than just dealing with the problem. At Halvorsen Klote, we use what is known as contingency as a fee structure. This means you don't pay us anything unless we win the case. Once a settlement is reached, we charge a percentage of the damages.

One complication would be determining who is at fault. Missouri, like 18 other states, is a no fault state which means the driver's (or negligent party's) insurance can cover loss of income, medical expenses, and other damages. However, companies like Uber and Lyft have insurance that can kick in on top of their drivers' personal insurance (drivers are required to have insurance, of course). For instance, one complication is that these private contractors (drivers) may not be able to get coverage because they're using their vehicles for business. Drivers are also unable to get workers compensation because of Lyft and Uber's convoluted, stringent policies.

As of this writing, both Lyft and Uber provide $1 million in liability coverage to drivers while they're on the app. For passengers, this can mean a major payout if you're seriously injured.

Damages For Rideshare Accidents

There are a number of damages you can receive if you've been involved in a rideshare accident in Missouri.

  • Medical Expenses
  • Future Medical Expenses
  • Lost Wages
  • Loss of Earning Capacity
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Mental Anguish
  • Loss of Consortium
  • Punitive Damages

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Have you or a family member been in a rideshare accident? contact one of our attorneys today for a consultation. We provide a number of services and Halvorsen Klote would be happy to discuss your situation. It's important get the legal representation you deserve in order to reclaim damages.

Our firm handles a variety of cases, including:

Halvorsen Klote is ready and willing to go the distance and make sure you have all of the support you need after a rideshare accident in St. Louis.