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Brain Injury Lawyers in St. Louis. A brain injury can have a profound impact on your life, and may even affect you permanently. It can be infuriating when it happens through no fault of your own. At Halvorsen Klote, our brain injury lawyers fight for our clients in the Greater St. Louis area and Southern Illinois to get justice and full compensation. We do our best to negotiate a fair and full settlement, but are not afraid to take your case to trial when we have to. Call our brain injury lawyers at 877-51-HKLAW or contact us online for a free consultation.

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How Common Are Brain Injuries? | St. Louis Brain Injury Lawyers

About 1.7 million people suffer from brain injuries in the United States. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 223,050 hospitalizations in 2018 and 60,611 deaths in 2019 due to brain injuries.

The age groups most likely to suffer a brain injury are teenagers between 15 and 19 and adults 65 or older. Males are almost twice as likely to experience a brain injury than females.

If you sustained a brain injury through no fault of your own, call the HK Law brain injury lawyers in St. Louis today at 877-51-HKLAW.

Types of Brain Injuries | St. Louis Brain Injury Lawyers

A brain injury occurs when there is sudden trauma to the brain. Injuries and symptoms can range from mild, to moderate to severe. Some of the most common injuries our brain injury lawyers see in St. Louis and Southern Illinois are:

  • Concussion: Concussions occur when the brain bounces around or twists inside the skull. The effects can be wide-ranging, but they usually go away over time when treated promptly.
  • Intracranial Hematoma: A hematoma in the brain is a blood clot outside of your blood vessels. It accumulates between the skull and brain, causing dangerous pressure against the brain.
  • Hemorrhage: A hemorrhage is uncontrolled bleeding, which can occur within the brain or between the brain and skull.
  • Hypoxic or Anoxic Brain Injury: These occur when there is a shortage of oxygen (hypoxic) or no oxygen (apoxic) to the brain. They are generally caused when someone is unable to breathe for a period of time.
  • Edema: Edema refers to swelling of the brain. It can be dangerous as the skull is unable to expand to accommodate the swelling, putting pressure on the brain.
  • Diffuse Axonal Injury: This injury does not involve bleeding but damages brain cells, causing them to not be able to function.
  • Depressed Skull Fracture: Unlike most of our bones, the skull does not contain bone marrow, which makes it strong but also unable to absorb the impact of a blow. A depressed skull fracture is a fracture in which part of the skull extends into the brain cavity.

No matter what type of brain injury you sustained in St. Louis or Southern Illinois, the HK Law brain injury lawyers will hold the negligent parties accountable and fight to make you whole again.

Below are some helpful links and legal FAQs from your St. Louis brain injury lawyers:

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What Causes Brain Injuries? | St. Louis Brain Injury Lawyers

There are generally three ways that an injury to the brain can occur:

  1. Blunt force trauma. Blunt force is physical trauma or impactful force on the head. It is common in auto accidents, slip and falls, sports or from violence such as assault. In auto accidents, pedestrians and motorcycle riders are at increased risk given their relative lack of protection. Victims of truck accidents often suffer brain injuries due to the amount of force involved in the crash.
  2. Penetrating brain trauma. This occurs when a foreign object penetrates the skull and causes direct damage to the brain. Common instances include gunshots, construction accidents or debris from auto accidents.
  3. Shaking. When the brain moves around in the skull, it can cause injuries such as concussions. These are common in car accidents that cause whiplash.

If you or a loved one sustained a brain injury in a car accident, slip and fall or any other type of accident that was caused by somebody else's negligence, trust in the St. Louis brain injury lawyers of HK Law to be your legal advocate and take on your case while you focus on healing.

Signs and Symptoms of Brain Injuries | St. Louis Brain Injury Lawyers

It’s important to know the warning signs of brain injuries so you can seek medical treatment right away. Common brain injury symptoms are:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Problems with speech
  • Feeling dizzy or dazed
  • Blurred vision
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Sudden depression or anxiety
  • Mood changes or mood swings
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Confusion or disorientating
  • Memory loss
  • Difficulty processing information
  • Difficulty understanding others or expressing yourself

If you're experiencing symptoms of a brain injury after an accident, it's important to get medical treatment right away. A doctor may evaluate the severity of your injury using the Glasgow Coma Scale and other neurological exams. Further tests may include CT scans, MRIs or XRays.

The medical expenses of diagnosing and treating a brain injury, including brain rehabilitation, can often be high. If you were injured because of someone else's negligence, the knowledgeable and experienced St. Louis brain injury lawyers at HK Law will help you be fully compensated for all of your medical bills.

What Is My Brain Injury Worth? | St. Louis Brain Injury Lawyers

Every claim is unique, and how much you receive in compensation will be based on the individual factors of your case. The HK Law St. Louis brain injury lawyers will determine the value of your brain injury claim based on:

  • The severity and type of injury
  • The long-term effects of your injury
  • Whether you will need continuing or long-term treatment
  • Whether you injury will prevent you from working
  • Whether you are partially to blame for the accident

A concussion injury in St. Louis and Southern Illinois may settle for $20,000, but injuries with longer term effects can settle or receive verdicts of hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. If you were injured because of somebody else's negligence, the HK Law brain injury lawyers will make sure you get the highest possible financial recovery.

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What Compensation Can I Get for My Brain Injury?

As in most personal injury claims, the financial recovery you receive is typically meant to compensate you for your economic and noneconomic losses.

The expert and qualified St. Louis brain injury Lawyers of HK Law will help you receive compensation for:

  • Medical expenses, including doctors appointments, medication and rehabilitation. Your brain injury lawyers will also make sure you receive money for medical treatment you will need in the future.
  • Lost wages, as well as lost earning capacity if your injury no longer allows you to work or has restricted your ability to perform the tasks of your occupation.
  • Emotional and physical damages due to pain and suffering, loss of ability to enjoy life and permanent disability or impairment.

Your Halvorsen Klote brain injury lawyers will help an insurance company or jury in St. Louis or Southern Illinois see the full scope of your injuries and compensate you fairly for your injuries.

In addition to brain injuries, our brain injury lawyers team takes cases in St. Louis and Illinois concerning:

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider when choosing a St. Louis brain injury lawyer for my traumatic brain injury case?

When selecting a brain injury lawyer in St. Louis for your traumatic brain injury (TBI) case, it’s crucial to find someone with specific experience in handling such cases. An experienced brain injury lawyer will understand the complex medical aspects of TBI and can provide the legal expertise needed to navigate your case effectively. They should have a proven track record in handling brain injury lawsuits, demonstrating their ability to secure fair compensation for their clients.

How can traumatic brain injury attorneys in St. Louis help in my case?

Traumatic brain injury attorneys in St. Louis are equipped to handle the unique challenges of TBI cases. They can assist in gathering medical evidence, consulting with medical experts, and articulating the long-term impacts of a brain injury. Their expertise is essential in ensuring that all aspects of your injury, including future medical needs and loss of income, are comprehensively addressed in your brain injury lawsuit.

Are there specific challenges in a brain injury case that require specialized legal expertise?

Yes, brain injury cases often involve intricate medical details and long-term implications that can be challenging to convey in legal terms. A Louis brain injury lawyer with experience in these cases will be adept at demonstrating the extent of the injury and its impact on the victim’s life. This involves a deep understanding of medical terminology related to traumatic brain injuries and the ability to translate this into a compelling legal argument.

What compensation can I expect in a traumatic brain injury case in St. Louis?

Compensation in a traumatic brain injury case can vary greatly depending on the severity of the injury and its lifelong implications. It may include medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In St. Louis, a skilled brain injury lawyer will work diligently to ensure that you receive full compensation that reflects both current and future needs resulting from the traumatic brain injury.

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St. Louis Brain Injury Lawyers | Halvorsen Klote

Brain injuries can have a profound effect on your life, and you need to make sure the financial future of you and your family in St. Louis and Southern Illinois is secure. Our brain injury lawyers fight to make those who have been hurt through no fault of their own can feel at ease about their future. When you hire us, we keep you informed throughout the entire process, make sure you get the medical treatment you need and work to hold the people responsible for your injuries accountable. Let us handle the legal aspects of your case so you can focus on healing. Call HK Law's St. Louis brain injury lawyers today at 877-51-HKLAW or contact us online for a free case evaluation.

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