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Personal Injury Lawyer in Edwardsville, IL. Halvorsen Klote represents clients in Edwardsville, the Metro St. Louis area and Southern Illinois. Our personal injury lawyer team understands how difficult it is to deal with a personal injury claim if you or a family member have been injured, your injuries are keeping away from work, and if the medical bills are piling up. We take a client-centered approach and offer the same high quality legal advocacy large insurance companies have. If you'd like to go over your case with Halvorsen Klote to understand your options, don't wait to contact us or call as at 866-382-4167 to speak to Halvorsen Klote's personal injury attorneys now.

Personal Injury Claims in Edwardsville, IL

There are over 97.9 million emergency room visits and 24.8 million physician office visits for unintentional injuries, and more than 200,000 unintentional deaths in the U.S. each year. This could include vehicle-related accidents, slips and falls, medical malpractice cases, and other injuries that end up being fatal. It's important for victims and their families to find legal counsel without delay. A dedicated Edwardsville, IL personal injury lawyer is a great resource of legal advice in the event of an accident.

Personal Injury Lawyer Edwardsville, IL | Auto Accident Law Firm | Accident & Injury Attorney Near Edwardsville, IL

Common Personal Injury Claims in Edwardsville, IL

If you were injured in a traffic-related accident in Edwardsville, IL, were hurt on the job, or were not given proper care by a doctor, you might be eligible compensation. Halvorsen Klote's attorneys have committed their careers to helping those injured through no fault of their own in the Edwardsville area. Our personal injury lawyer team has won millions for victims and their families.

Our Edwardsville, IL personal injury lawyer firm specializes in a number of different personal injury case-types, including:

What Damages Can I Receive for My Edwardsville, IL Personal Injury Claim?

Depending on what state you're in, you may be able to collect a number of different damages. Both special damages and general damages take into account medical costs, pain and suffering, money lost from not being to work or lost earning capacity, and others. Halvorsen Klote also seeks out-of-pocket costs (transportation to and from medical appointments, home assistance, etc.), property damage, and any other financial loss due to injury. There's a lot of ways our firm can help.

If you want to get the most compensation possible after an injury, you need to reach out to our personal injury lawyers as soon as possible after an accident. Our firm will assist with any medical issues, negotiate with insurers, and gather the evidence necessary to demonstrate negligence by the liable party. It's imperative to be proactive after an accident, even if you are grieving a lost loved one or you are suffering financial and medical hardship. Each state has put into place its own statute of limitations, which the timeline for how quickly an injury claim must be filed.

You can learn more about personal injury law in our FAQs. It's important for us to provide a high level of legal representation to those injured by another's negligence. Accidental injuries are now the 5th leading cause of death, and millions of people are hurt at work, at home or at their friend's house, or in cars and many other places every year.

Edwardsville, IL Personal Injury Lawyer: FAQs

You and your lawyer need to do a few things if you want to get compensation. To make a successful personal injury claim, you're going to have to prove negligence, causation, fault and financial damages. Here are a few questions victims often ask about their situation:

  • How much does it cost to hire a lawyer? Halvorsen Klote does not charge any up-front fees. Put simply, our Edwardsville, IL personal injury lawyers take a percentage of the final compensation you recover — called a contingency fee — and you only pay if there is a successful resolution to your claim.
  • If I'm injured, what do I need to do? It's important to go to a hospital or see your doctor. Medical records are very important evidence. Even if you do not have serious symptoms, having a written document will help your case.
  • How much can I win after an accident? There are a lot of variables when you calculate special and general damages. Damages may include things like lost income potential, pain and suffering, medical expenses, loss of consortium, emotional distress, and others.
  • What information do I need to give my attorney? It's important to keep track of everything. Pictures of the accident, witness testimonies, how much time you had to take off work, names and addresses, and other information are crucial for winning a personal injury claim. This documentation helps us justify financial damages.
  • What should I ask my lawyer? You should ask a few questions before deciding on which firm you want to hire. For example, Have you had this kind of case before? How much experience do you have in the courtroom? What's your fee? What is the monetary value of my claim? How long does it take to get a settlement? Do I have a case if I'm partially at-fault? Do you believe in my case? Why? Again, the more information the better.

Take a look at the other types of cases we take on in Edwardsville, IL?

Personal Injury Lawyer Edwardsville, IL | Auto Accident Law Firm | Accident & Injury Attorney Near Edwardsville

Edwardsville, IL Personal Injury Lawyer

The personal injury attorneys at Halvorsen Klote are dedicated to helping people when they're at their most vulnerable. A serious injury can have enduring consequences, like financial hardship, losing time off work, and other pressure on you and the people you love most. It's our job at HK Law to provide the same standard of high-quality legal advocacy insurance companies have to victims and their families. Don't wait to contact a personal injury lawyer in Edwardsville, IL now for a free case evaluation.

Joel Halvorsen

Joel Halvorsen

Attorney at Law

Joel Halvorsen and his partner Greg Klote founded the Halvorsen Klote law firm on the principle that injured people and their families should have access to the same quality legal representation as large insurance companies.

Greg Klote

Greg Klote

Attorney at Law

Greg Klote is a partner and founder of Halvorsen Klote.

Greg has successfully fought for people who were injured through no fault of their own. He became a lawyer to help make a difference in the lives of those who have been wronged and treated unfairly.

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